Cell Invesitgations in topic 2

We will investigate the aims outlined below. Following these investigations, you will need to know the steps outlined in the primary focus.

Cell Growth

(pp.130 - 131, Campbbell, for stages of mitosis)
Aim: To determine whether root cell growth occurs at the top or the tip of the root.
Primary focus: 1. Differentiate diagrams of cells in interphase and mitosis.
2. Calculate significant numbers in science, mean, error bars, standard deviation and t-test. We will work on this in an ongoing fashion.

Cell Magnification

Aim: Prepare a slide of your check cell. Calculate the magification of your cell diagram (Roberts lab manual pp. 14-15)
Primary focus: 1. Describe how to stain a slide and view the chromosomal nucleus using methylene blue
2. Explain the two magnification steps (microscope x diagram enlargement) involved from original check cell to diagram. Be able to calculate the total magnifiction of the diagram.