[5.2] Transport


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The following link has good diagrams and notes on heart anatomy

The following link shows heart and lung animations

Beginner/clear overview of how the heart works! labeled as well!


A cross section view of the heart

Notes for this diagram are below

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1 Pulmonary Valve
2 Tricuspid Valve
3 Mitral Valve
4 Aortic Valve
5 Heart Muscle (Myocardium)

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Blood vessels

Blood circulates in a series of different kinds of blood vessels as it circulates round the body. Each kind of vessel is adapted to its function.

Veins and Venules


Arteries and Arterioles

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external image capillary.gif

external image artery.gif

Function is to carry blood from tissues to the heart

Function is to allow exchange of materials between the blood and the tissues

Function is to carry blood from the heart to the tissues

Thin walls, mainly collagen, since blood at low pressure

Very thin, permeable walls, only one cell thick to allow exchange of materials

Thick walls with smooth elastic layers to resist high pressure and muscle layer to aid pumping

Large lumen to reduce resistance to flow.

Very small lumen. Blood cells must distort to pass through.

Small lumen

Many valves to prevent back-flow

No valves

No valves (except in heart)

Blood at low pressure

Blood pressure falls in capillaries.

Blood at high pressure

Blood usually deoxygenated (except in pulmonary vein)

Blood changes from oxygenated to deoxygenated (except in lungs)

Blood usually oxygenated (except in pulmonary artery)